Technology Training

GREG PARKIN - Founder & Principal Developer

Having spent many years at the cutting edge of application development as a senior consultant, Greg came to the conclusion there was much to offer the small business sector to improve their performance and competitive edge. This was when Vala Evolution was re-born into a new generation application provider, committed to the improvement of software integration, and the development of smart and cost effective software solutions for the smaller business.

After finishing his degree in Electronic & Electrical Systems Engineering at Leeds Beckett University, Greg has over 20 years experience of working with industrial and commercial IT systems covering industries including water, food, pharmaceutical, and energy, amassing a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise in computer technology along the way. He is also a professional member of the British Computer Society - The Chartered Institute for IT.

"With the continued growth of technology, and in particular mobile and artificial intelligence, it is not surprising that its effective use and integration into smart processes and procedures for the modern small business can often become confusing and blurred. Vala Evolution has been established to help the small business sector to effectively use technology to give them the edge over their competition, this can be demonstrated with software interfaces capable of bridging existing applications, providing dynamic and time efficient use of data.

Also, I felt it was important to show our commitment to quality by our membership of the BCS. This means that not only do we have many happy customers to vouch for our knowledge and expertise, but as proud members we are governed by their strict code of conduct which guarantees we meet the highest levels of honesty and professionalism at all times."