It was my niece’s birthday. This was a date that I have memorised and in due course had sent the obligatory card and gift card in good time. What I hadn’t realised was it was actually her 18th birthday after my wife contacted me after she had spotted the congratulations on Read More
A company I had previously worked for had decided to implement a policy. All writeable media and computer equipment taken off the premises to be used at a third party's location i.e. client sites, supplier's sites, public meeting places, would have to be encrypted. The IT department was given the Read More
Welcome to the inaugral 'What Is...' series post. This is going to be a series of posts providing you with informative and concise insight into some of those technological subjects that you would like to know more about. For our first 'What Is...' post, we're going straight in at the Read More
The fear of technology is a common complaint I come across regularly in my line of work. The thing is, I’ve never really been particularly phobic about computers or technology, but I can say I have been a bit wary at times, especially when I don’t really initially understand something. Read More
Welcome to the inaugral 'How To...' series post. This is to be a series of helpful tips and tricks to get you guys operating your tech like true masters. These posts are going to be no-nonsense and straight to the point. So, for our initial post, we are going to Read More
This is a quick post to say the website is back from it's brief-ish maintenance period. There is still some work to do, but definitely getting there and going in the right direction. Watch this space... Read More
Welcome to the Vala Evolution blog. Our first item of news to share - Vala Evolution is officially a limited company as of the 21st November 2017.   Read More