A Birthday Forgotten, But Not Forgotten

BalloonsIt was my niece’s birthday. This was a date that I have memorised and in due course had sent the obligatory card and gift card in good time. What I hadn’t realised was it was actually her 18th birthday after my wife contacted me after she had spotted the congratulations on Facebook that morning. We both knew we were going to be in trouble with my sister for forgetting such an important birthday.

After about 10 minutes of panicking of what to do between us to make it up to my niece, I thought that I would at least send her a belated 18th birthday card. So I logged on to the Moonpig website (other card design websites are available) and set about creating a suitable birthday card for her. When it came to the checkout, they give me an option to add a gift to the purchase, so I chose a cuddly tatty teddy that had a happy birthday sign on it. Continued with the checkout and hey presto, a card and present was going to be delivered to my sister’s house guaranteed before 1pm the next day. Yes, the purchase did cost me a little bit, but I thought it was a good save.

After I made the purchase, I gave my dad a call just to forewarn him in case he got a phone call from my sister who might complain about my lack of fore thought. As I explained the crisis, dilemma and then the save with Moonpig to him, he struggled to comprehend that I not only managed to create a birthday card etc. from my Android smart phone, but I did it in 10 minutes whilst waiting for my appointment to have a filling at the dentists.

The joy and saviour of the internet!