Vala Evolution provides a comprehensive range of high quality, accessible technology training for the home and small business user. Our courses can be structured around your requirements and if you are unable to find the course you are looking for, please contact us and we will do our best to provide you with a proposal that best meets your needs.

Many companies have a notable disregard for the requirement of IT training for their employees, putting undue pressure on their staff’s abilities and commonly leaving them to fend for themselves when it comes learning new IT skills. This can result in bad practices being implemented and putting unnecessary burden on staff to perform effectively with the software and hardware available to them.

Training for you and your staff will assist you in making the most from your IT investment and will allow your employees know how to do things correctly. In turn, this will improve your company’s efficiency, reduce your IT support costs and help in streamlining your business.

Some of the subjects we offer include:

  • Getting Your Business Online
  • Cloud Computing & Online Storage
  • Internet Security & Malicious Software Protection
  • Smart Devices & Your Business
  • Social Media For Your Business
  • Managing a Small Business Network
  • Office Suite Software - Microsoft Office, Google G Suite, LibreOffice